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The Costa Faba Eco Park has many small installations to discover from a large permaculture garden producing food all year long, chickens and ducks coop. Water well, wind turbines, solar panels, rain water gathering system and water plants systems. The Eco Park is designed to use local natural resources for a sustainable living. The Park Ecosystems based approach favor integration, short circuit provisioning and socio-economic collaboration.

Homegrown vegetables; crops and fruits are harvested for self-consumption. Rainwater is collected, stored and used for plants and crops when needed. The park produces electricity with 4 photovoltaic panels during the day and 2 wind turbines at night. The excess electricity produced is stored in batteries for nighttime or cloudy days use. Zero chemical tolerance: the park does not use any cleaning chemical products. Home made cleaning products, soaps, shampoo and all hygienic personal needs are eco friendly. Free visits are welcome.

Protected Landscape of the west coast of Asturias

The region, Asturias Spain, has a lot to offer: beautiful landscape, trails, beaches, amazing natural costline, great roads, plenty of small villages, tasty meals, 15 minutes away from Oviedo Internatinal Airport.

The coastal zone is approximately 350km long and is made up of high cliffs, pocket white sand beaches (250-300), long beaches with dune systems.

The Asturias province has a test of romance for who wants to get involved with nature secrets.


Designed for sustainable use of resources and sustainable economic growth

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