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Today we are all aware of the problematic in the dependency of price of electricity, water, and other utilities, along with concerns for our environment and the impact of global warming. To respond to these issues, more people like you are looking for ideas and suggestions for clean living in a self-sufficient habitat. Whether you are looking at starting from scratch or looking to adopt changes to an existing home, we offer consulting and support to archive your goals. The most developed self-sufficient homes supply their own energy, water, sewer needs, and fresh food – they are the ultimate green living habitat on our planet!

The benefits of having a self-sufficient home are many like: lowering your carbon footprint for future generations, reducing your energy cost so you are not exposed to price rises again in the future, create financial freedom for you and your family trough bill-free access to electricity and water, create higher value for your property since tomorrow buyers are looking for ready to use green homes to purchase.

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There are four main areas to consider when it comes to creating or adapting an existing property: water management, power production, other utilities and organic food.

Water management includes rainwater or well (where possible) gathering, filtering, storage and release for consumption. Power management includes home needs, solar panels, wind turbines, power storages, optimized installation and guidelines for efficient use. Other utilities includes dry toilets, waste management and grey waters treatment. Food includes permaculture organic food productions know how, chickens and ducks coop to produce sufficient food for your entire household.

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